Where Are Saint Obi, Sam Dede and A Host Of Other Nollywood Stars?

Written by on 6 July 2020

These celebrities made Nollywood in the 90s and early 2000 so interesting with their amazing acting skills and help build Nollywood to what it is today. But despite no longer being in spotlight they are still those actors that make you wonder what happened to them and why they are no longer appearing in any Nollywood movie.
Saint Obi
He’s often called Nollywood Mr quality because of his attention to details when acting. Saint Obi came into Nollywood in 1995 after taking up some little movie roles here and there. Saint Obi became more famous after featuring in the hit movie Take Me To Mama. The movie was the first Nigeria production to receive a corporate endorsement. In an interview Saint Obi disclosed that he quit acting to focus on Movie production and other businesses.
Charles Okafor
Charles Okafor is one great actor who can interpret any role given to him. Charles came into Nollywood in 1996 and acted in his first movie Domitila. In 1999 he rose to fame after Starring in the hit movie End Of The Wicked. In a recent interview with entertainer, Charles revealed that he stopped acting because he found Christ. He said have been lying low for a while because I diverted into advocacy and human angle film as a consequence of my new found faith. Am still a career actor and a filmmaker but am mindful of the scripts I do.
Pat Attah
Pat Attah in early 2000 featured in so many love movies that would melt your heart. His handsome look just makes everything perfect. Pat Attah made his debut in a movie Glamour Girls in 1994. On July 27, 2018 Pat Attah released the single titled Sunshine on YouTube.
Chidi Mokeme
Chidi Mokeme is one actor worth watching on screen. His acting skills is amazing. Chidi Mokeme made his acting debut in 1995 with the movie Goodbye Tomorrow. He has also featured in other movies like Fire Dancer, His Excellency, Abuja Connections. Chidi Mokeme is currently married with kids. The actor quit acting to focus more on his clothing line and studio.
Ernest Asuzu
Ernest Asuzu came into the entertainment industry as a songwriter and a rapper. Ernest began his acting career in the late 90s and rose to fame after acting in the nollywood hit movie Another Campus Scream. A movie that brought him into Limelight. In 2015 the actor had a serious case of stroke. And in 2017 he came out in an interview and said that Nollywood is evil and allegedly said someone in nollywood was after his life.
Bob Manuel
In 1992 Bob Manuel joined the Nigeria movie industry and acted in his first movie Living In Bondage. It is the movie that made Nollywood a household name. In 1995 he featured in the movie When The Sun Set. In 2004 he rose to fame after acting in the hit movie Checkmate.
Hanks Anuku
The original nollywood bad boy Hanks Anuku’s bright characters are forever in our mind. After leaving the United State for a while Hanks joined the Nigeria movie industry in 1999. He featured in the hit movie Skeleton and Senator. This movie brought him into the Limelight in 2003. The memorable movies of Hanks are The Fall Of The Great Jago, Where Is My Dad, The Black Bishop and Obey Or Die. Hanks quit acting when he relocated to Ghana with his family and now a bonafide citizen of Ghana.
Sam Dede
There is no doubt Sam Dede was one of the pioneers of Nollywood. Sam Dede who came into Nollywood in 1994 featured in many Nollywood Blockbuster movies like Issakaba, Igodo, Mission To Nowhere, Darkest Night, Lion King among others. Sam Dede is currently married with kids where he combined both his lecturing job and other business together to support his family.
Tony Umez
Tony Umez launched his professional acting career in the year 1993. He became famous after starring in the nollywood Blockbuster movie Died Wretched in 1994. After taking a short break from acting Tony returned in the industry in 1997 and featured in the movie The Princess. He became very famous and highly sought after, after Starring in the movie Died Wretched. The movie gave him his massive Success. Tony Umez is still into acting but not as before. He decided to focus a little more on his family and other businesses.

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