Why Some Housewives Become Side Chicks

Written by on 13 July 2020

It’s no doubt that married women these days are so furious when they find out that their husband is cheating on them with another woman. However, some women are constantly cheating on their husbands as well.
They are so angry, knowing that they share their man with a younger girl and most of them can’t handle it. But then, some women end up becoming side-chicks to some younger single men.
In most cases this is usually as a result of a cheating husband, uncaring, sexually inactive and a very busy man who doesn’t have time for their wife.
Sometimes most women end up becoming side chick to younger men who are single when they marry a man far way older than them. Oh yes! This is one major reason some women end up being side chick to younger men.
Cheating Husband: When a man cheats on a woman with a younger girl, the woman end up feeling emotionally tortured. This is so because they think and feel that they are no longer sexy or beautiful enough for their husband.
Moreso, their husband no longer give them sexual attention as before. So, some of them end up becoming sex starved. For this reason some might have the idea of trying to hook up with a younger guy. Unknowingly to them, they end up becoming a married side chick to the girlfriend of the younger guy.
The Uncaring Man: Well, come to think of it, no one want to stay in a place where care and affection isn’t available. We all need that one simple act of care everyday from someone we hold dear to our heart.
A woman who is used to being not care for will surely seek it somewhere else and most of the time, it usually with a single guy who they find fascinating and caring. They ride along with the joy ride feeling that comes with it and end up becoming a side chick.
The Sexually Inactive: You don’t need much explanation here. Sexual satisfaction has led to so many broken homes worldwide and if a man is sexually inactive and doesn’t perform well; the alternative most of the time for these women is going for a much younger man.
The Busy One: Men in this category usually face this problem. Their wife cheat on them but not deliberately. She need to fill that space, that vacuum of not sexually touched, that vacuum of not being cared for.
She need to fill that space of not being asked if she has eaten. She need to hear those words of praises, like you look so sexy today or I just want to have you in my bed right now.
Women in this category take every available chance they get, even as far as their gate men can fill such vacuum for them
Marrying an old man: This is a very interesting one. When you are married to an older man, who isn’t living in the right generational age with you, you as a woman end up running into emotional confusion.
You realize that the things you want to do as a young woman, isn’t what your older man want. For that reason you lose yourself to a younger man and end up becoming a married side chick.
A lot of woman think men should always worship them, just because they have so much guys hitting on them. It doesn’t work that way, when you are in relationship just understand that, you are in with someone who doesn’t think like you and adjustments should and must be made, so that the relationship can function well.
date this one guy then you have sex with him. After sometime you have an argument and instead of solving it, you send the dude that’s been disturbing you on WhatsApp, Facebook or other Social Media platforms a text to ease your pain. He makes you smile once and you start planning on dating him.
He plays his cards right and you get laid. The very same guy pisses you off, instead of sorting your issues you call another guy to ease your pain. He also puts a smile on your face and you get laid again. This cycle goes on and on because you think you are too beautiful to beg a man.
No wonder most of you ladies are single but you’ve slept with lots of guys. You can’t face challenges and always want the easy way out when shit gets real. Relationships ain’t soap operas where everything is lovey dovey everyday.
When it gets tough, swallow your pride and resolve it Instead of looking for the next available man to ease your pain. Always resolve your issues, so that you won’t be tossed around by men.

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