How Four Pastors Committed Suicide.

Written by on 8 July 2020

Suicide, which is the act of intentionally taking one’s own life, is mostly caused by mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, substance abuse and personality disorders.
It’s hard to tell those having mental health issues as people with the most problems seem to have the brightest of fake smiles. Celebrities, Pastors, Imams and religious people are not left out as well.
Pastoring Responsibilities
Life as a pastor isn’t all rosy as most people assume as it comes with a lot of responsibilities, pressure and stress. In fact, pastoring is one of the most high-pressure jobs we have in the world today.
Study  shows that about 90% of pastors work from 55 to 75 hours a week, most of which have wives and children to cater for; not to talk of their large congregation with their individual needs and requests.
Who Will Pastor The Pastor? – Why Pastors Don’t Open Up
Pastors don’t get into their profession for the money but as a spiritual calling. They are called into the business of saving souls for the kingdom of God.
With this, they feel that exhibiting any personal weaknesses would potentially destroy that ultimate and noble goal of spiritual life.
The  truth is that we are all imperfect people who needs God’s saving grace – pastors and congregants alike, so pastors are not immune to problems and struggles of the world.
Four Pastors Who Committed Suicide and the reasons
1. Pastor Elijah Misiko
He was a Kenyan assistant pastor at Ground for God’s Gospel Church, Mombasa, Kenya. He stabbed his wife two times and stabbed himself afterwards, during a church service earlier this year. He left a 17 page suicide note which revealed he committed the act over ownership of the church. He wrote that they both started the church as couples but the wife was claiming to be the sole owner.
2. Pastor Bassey Lucky
He  was a Nigerian Pastor at Voice of Salvation Ministry Lagos, who committed suicide many years ago. Some said he was being accused by church members for diverting the church funds for his personal use. He left a note saying: “I killed myself, not my wife” before slitting his throat with a knife.
3. Rev. Bryan Fulwider

Rev. Bryan Fulwider

He  was a popular christian radio show host in Florida who committed suicide recently  after he was arrested and charged for raping a teenager.
4. Pastor Jarrid Wilson

Pastor Jarrid Wilson


 Pastor and mental health advocate Jarrid Wilson reportedly committed suicide some year ago. He died at 40 years of age and left two kids behind.
I know most people would be saying that these Pastors have committed the greatest of sin by taking their own life but I think this whole suicide stuff is a spiritual attack beyond their control.
Open up when you’re depressed. Avoid being alone. Make friends with the right People. Pray to God to help you scale through your weaknesses”
Yes we all have problems, but suicide is not an option and we pray it will never be our portion. Amen!

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