Nigerian Tribes A Man Can Marry From Without Problems.

Written by on 13 July 2020

Marriage is a mutual contract between husband and wife.It can also be termed as mutual understanding between couples. People marry one another today because of material things such money, wealth, beauty and so on. Any marriage built on these things will work out. Such marriage tends to hit the rock as time goes on.Everlasting marriage is built on love and trust.It is not safe to marry just anybody.There are few things to consider before you can choose the right person to marry, one of them is decency.

It’s culture, it’s tradition, it’s life and style, it’s heritage – getting married; is one of the most looked forward to things in Nigeria for so many, after the rush of chasing education and acquiring all the certificates you want in this world… what’s next than for a typical average Nigerian man/woman to settle down?!

A Nigerian weekend will most definitely not be complete if there were no wedding ceremonies taking place… there just have to be one in any part of the country no matter what!!

Are you a young man who is of a marriageable age? I know surely that you will prefer a decent lady to those ones we can referred to as public toilets.To be on a safer side,there are some Nigerian tribes you can marry a decent lady from.
Efik ladies in Calabar are always beautiful and charming.They are always in love and often ready anytime with a serious minded man.They are not that expensive and too demanding.The most hateful thing to Efik ladies is jitting.So if you want enjoy an Efik lady in a marriage try to be straightforward to her.They are very decent.
Kaba ladies from Kogi State are good looking and adorable girls.They are very caring and submissive wife materials.If you are a man falling in love with a Kaba girls,she will treat you like a king and you will feel on top of the world.I can vouch for them.Kaba ladies are decent as well.So if you to marry as a man, look for a Kaba lady to marry.You won’t be be disappointed except if you are not faithful to her.
Annang ladies in Akwa Ibom State are eye-catching.They are very neat and spotless ladies.Annang girls are always loyal if you are a faithful man to them.The Annang people are found in the prestige Akwa Ibom state and they are the second largest ethnic group in Akwa Ibom state. Any groom who intends taking a bride from the Annang people must be ready to meet and fulfill the traditional marriage rites which is indeed expensive because of the loads of stuff and fees that the groom is expected buy and pay for.
My Friend  had the opportunity of meeting with one during his service year as a Corps member.They dated each other throughout their  service year.They loved each other so much but his  father insisted that he should not marry from that far distance due to their cultural diversity. He detested losing her but his father’s decision prevailed finally.Till today, he do regrets taken such irrational decision. Majority of Annang ladies are adorable and decent.
Bariba ladies in Kwara State are local but pretty.Their description is not different from that of Kaba ladies in Kogi State. If I am to rate the two sects of the ladies, I think I will rate Kaba ladies higher than Bariba.One very slim different between them is that while Kaba ladies are very conscious of money Bariba lady are not like that. Maybe this is so because of their level of civilization.Beyond that, they are good dancers.So, if you are interested in marrying this type of ladies, trust me, there is nothing to regret.They are adorable ladies.
Urhobo ladies in Delta State are attractive when it comes to beauty.Urhobo ladies are kind and adorable wife.Urhobo lady is thankful for everything big and small her husband does for her.They are wife materials.If you marry an urhobo lady you will find some traits of decency in her. An Urhobo girls lives a moderate lifestyle.You have nothing to lose.
As you make your journey together, your individual as well as the relationship’s priorities will change.  With the right woman, she will be open to those changes as you both navigate through the tough times.  You both will accept these changes over time.  As you get older, you realize you truly are in this together- in sickness and in health.
In conclusion, please note that the view expressed here is based on my personal experience coupled with my findings.My submission here doesn’t not mean there are not irresponsible ones across all the tribes mentioned. Please commit every step of your life to God before embark in any endeavour of your life. We shall not do mistakes.

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