Why Huspuppi Was Involved In Illegal Businesses

Written by on 29 June 2020

Nigerian Instagram Big Boy, Raymond Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi or The Gucci daddy was arrested by the Dubai police authority on June 10, 2020 following some fraudulent deals he was involved in
Hushpuppi whose source of wealth was formerly unknown was famous for his habitual flaunting of wealth on social media. The Gucci daddy often posts pictures of his expensive cars like Ferrari and Rolls Royce and a private jet thus making people wonder where he got his wealth from.
 Following his arrest alongside 12 other people by the FBI, his source of wealth has been exposed and everyone now knows he’s a scammer.
One of Hushpuppi’s ex girlfriend popularly known as Daisy has come out to shade and mock him in a new video calling him a scammer and posting some things that happened between them in the past, how he accused her of lying that she slept with his best friend Mompha after she went to Thailand with her mom and sister, then he dumped her to suffer.
She  wrote on her Instagram story “Ohhh look how the tables have turned. I don’t wish bad on anyone but I strongly believe in karma. I wouldn’t take my worst enemy to jail, a gangster would never call the cops”.
She further explained how they broke up.
She wrote “Thought I was in Thailand with your friend because we arrived the same time and have similar photos. When I went with my mom and sister. And I ain’t even gone expose your messy ass. Got your facts all incorrect talking about he told me to take out his child”
Hushpuppi has become a thing of joke on the internet lately, even some celebrities are commending Dubai police for his arrest.
He has ruined his family’s name
I think Hushpuppi has ruined his family’s name(Abbas) already. His face is already in many newspapers, magazines etc. due to his arrest for engaging in fraudulent activities.
Remember an adage that says a good name is better than riches. His name will forever be in criminal records books for the cybercrime activities he committed.
This should serve as a lesson to youths engaging in cybercrime. I urge you to stop and make good use of your life. More so, he’ll forever be an ex convict if he is found guilty in the court of law.
Therefore if you are an hustler who makes legit money, be contented with what you have and don’t envy other people’s riches because you don’t know where they got it from.
Don’t engage in bad activities because your friends are more successful than you are. Everybody has their own time.
He has been exposed.
Before now, many people and some celebrities are known to envy Hushpuppi due to the way he flaunts his obscene wealth on social media. Even the DMW CEO “Davido” who claims to have a networth of 30billion naira doesn’t compete with him
Hushpuppi has turned to a laughing stock and he’s been booed by his fans who have always been hailing him. The whole of Nigeria now knows he’s one of the most notorious scammers in the country.
The second lesson here for my fellow readers is that ” wealth gotten through dubious means don’t last”. You can’t keep swindling individuals and organizations of their hard earned money and never expect nemesis to catch up with you.
He’ll go from grace to grass
As you are reading this new presently, All the cars and properties the Gucci daddy has have been confiscated by the Government. His bank accounts will be freeze as well.
Therefore, he’ll only get all his cars and properties back if he’s not guilty of the crime he’s committed. But if he is, after serving his prison sentence he’ll surely go back to square one because all what the government seized from him will not be returned to him.
What’s the good in having a wealth that won’t last you till your old age?
I’m sure you have learnt a thing or two from this article.

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