I Was Surprised At What I Saw In My Husband’s Bedroom

Written by on 4 August 2020

My husband leaves our bedroom every night, but he doesn’t know that whenever he leaves the room, I always knows. One day I will follow him, and what I saw and heard shocked me.
My name is ifeoma, I am 40 years old and graduated. I am married to a rich and famous businessman. I have been married to my husband for 10 years. I have no children, but I don’t seem to disturb my husband. It seems that I am the only one. The one most needed, I always pray to God to get the fruit of the womb.
Things were working out in a good way in our marriage,my husband consistently accommodate me,I need nothing,I drive the most costly cars,all my companions always let me know am the most fortunate girl on earth however much to our dismay that something isn’t right in my marriage.
It began one day when I saw that Everytime around 12 o’clock in the center of the night,my husband consistently leave the bedroom and returns 10 minutes later, obscure to him am consistently alert and I saw everything that was going on,at first I didn’t pay attention to it since I didn’t see anything incorrectly about it, however it continues happening I began thinking again about the issue.
I clarified what was happening with my one of my confided in companion and look for guidance on what to do,I likewise didn’t need my husband to realize that am mindful of what is going in the house,so I stayed quiet about it from my husband.
My companion prompted me to follow him and discover what he is up to,but I advised her,I was too frightened to even consider tracking my husband,so she at that point raised a plan to enter a camera in the rooms, which I did.
That night as common my husband left the bedroom,I waked up from the bed and check the camera in the event that I will see anything besides didn’t get what I was looking for,I then choose to go look at it by myself,on getting to the lounge room what I saw shocked me.
I saw my husband,he was dressed with dark fabrics and there was various shades of flame with various shades of clothes,I was so frightened to run,he didn’t see me,so I took record of what he was doing,I then returned to the bedroom and set down and close my eyes,few minutes after the fact my husband went into the room and set down as well and rest.
The following day I went about as though everything is typical when he left to work,I gathered every one of my packs and came up short on the house,I moved to my dad’s home and I revealed everything to them all that I saw and showed them  the video.
My parent went with the police and they captured my husband,he was taken to the police headquarters and they tormented him that was the point at which he admitted he was behind our childlessness and I ought to excuse him in my life ,he regretted all what he has done to me. And he apologies that he did all for love of money that he can still reverse it.
I am so confused on what to do should I pardon him or not,am as of now too old to even think about remarrying, what should I do I need guidance on this issue.
Please no hostile remarks bless your hear

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